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16 Lakhs revenue in 28 days

In the picture, you can see that we have generated a mind blowing revenue of 16 lakhs in just 28 days!

We will be sharing our exact strategies in our guide.


9 lakh 52 thousands in 7 days
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This same guide was launched back in February 2021 and was priced at INR 1999.


In a span of 7 days, we had sold over 476 copies and made a revenue of 9 lakh 52 thousand to be precise.

Here, we will also be sharing every single detail of the campaign (with video) which made everything happen.

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This guide contains the following:

✅SECRET Case study #1 of the Facebook Ad which has generated over 16 lakhs+ revenue in 28 days for a client.

✅Case study #2 of the Facebook Ad which has generated a revenue of 9 lakhs 52 thousand in 7 days for us.

✅BONUS Case study #3 of the Facebook Ad which has generated a revenue of 2.5 crore for a client.

✅BONUS strategy to start your own Facebook Ad agency without any investment.

✅ BONUS strategy to run profitable Facebook Ads for your own business.

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As you have seen above, this guide was launched for Rs 1999 and was super successful by selling 476 copies in just 7 days.

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Real Case studies and their explanation

This is not a youtube video where I’ll keep talking without PROOFS.

Each case study is about 2-3 pages.

Read and understand each sentence and try to apply it for your own ADS

Run you own Facebook Ad agency

It’s okay if you don’t have any product or don’t know where to start.

In this guide, you will be getting a 7 page special chapter where we will  show you
HOW” you can start your Facebook AD agency and get clients who can pay you at least 35,000 every month